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Spiritual direction is the art of listening deeply to another person in such a way that they begin to notice and respond to God’s presence and movement in their life. This can be a life giving and transforming process for those who participate in this special relationship.


As a spiritual director it is my goal to help others respond to this deep longing; to experience personal spiritual growth and transformation as they begin to know and understand God better. My practice of listening is for individuals to feel profoundly heard in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space. Then they can begin to feel they can speak the unspoken within them. In an age of busy, finding rest for our souls and finding what deeply satisfies is to encounter the love of God - we look for Hope in the midst of the stories, heartache, dark nights, and seemingly impenetrable walls.

The spiritual direction process is one of discovery which can help us to live a life of more intentional purposefulness.  This time in our culture can be characterized by too much activity with too little meaning, focusing outward appearances instead of substance. 

Spiritual formation helps us to wake up to our real lives, the one in this very moment, inviting us to be reconciled to ourselves, to God and to others. This life is vibrant– one in which we are interacting with God throughout all of life and hearing God compel us, comfort us and nudge forward with his constant companionship.

Spiritual formation is also the key to getting rid of stubborn habits and ingrained character flaws such as, the tendency to criticize, complain and procrastinate. It is to build an interactive life with God. Instead of trying to be good, we connect with God in order to let God transform us into our best selves.  As we do the connecting with God, God does the perfecting in us.

As a natural outflow of an enriched inner life, our outer life becomes attentive to the needs of those around us. We are more inclined to be open conduits of speaking life, and encouragement to others. We bless others more generously with our time and material means. This is a life which flows over with the compassion of God. We can begin to love and care for this world in the ways God longs for us to do.

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Christine received her certification as a Spiritual Director in 2018 from the Transformational Listening Center. She currently is on staff with TLC. In addition, she has her own practice at LifePlace Counseling Center as their Spiritual Director. Private sessions are offered as well as group training for men and women through Emotional Healthy Spirituality. 


Christine is licensed as a pastor from Christ Church Lake Forest where she served for twelve years in two roles. One, as their Director of Women’s Ministries, supporting women on all ages and stages of life to promote spiritual, emotional and relational growth both in community and in their personal lives. She also held the role of their Director of Care overseeing four campuses with crisis care resources, support teams, and practical help for individuals and families in the church and broader community.


Married 33 years, she and her husband Drew have three children and live in Mundelein Illinois. She and her husband work together at LifePlace with other exceptional therapists. They are both members of a non-denominational church in the area, and care deeply about helping others find mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

“Listening is the highest form of spiritual hospitality…..not to change people but offering them space where change can take place."

- Henri Nouwen

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